Genesis Design Palette Pro

Genesis Design Palette Pro
A Premium Third Party Plugin

Advanced Theme Edits Made Easy (So easy … even a non-coder can do it)

You purchased the Genesis Framework because you heard it was awesome, then saw so for yourself. But then you discovered that to change your “look” you’d need to write or edit some code. Scary stuff if coding’s not your thing, which it probably isn’t (which is okay). Because guess what?

Now you don’t need to worry.

Now you can customize your Genesis theme on your own… and you won’t need to write, edit, or even sniff any code to do it.
That’s our guarantee…

Code-Free Customizations

You can quickly and easily modify the look of each area on your site without touching any code. This includes the header, navigation, content area, sidebars, and footers. And you can edit darn near anything! Colors, fonts, images, backgrounds, margins, and padding … all can be changed in a jiffy. Just point, click, customize.

Child Theme Add-ons

Works with Genesis alone and these child themes: Beautiful Pro, Daily Dish Pro, eleven40 Pro, Executive Pro, Lifestyle Pro, Metro Pro, Minimum Pro, Modern Portfolio Pro, News Pro and Outreach Pro. Additional child theme add-ons will be released soon!

Preview Mobile Layouts

The days of designing for one device are over. Now, you need a site optimized for mobile devices (first) that will still look stunning on a desktop too. But good luck finding an efficient way to edit and test changes across devices … until now.

Design Palette Pro gives you the ability to easily switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet live previews … so you can see exactly what your readers see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with StudioPress child themes?
Short answer: Yes! Design Palette Pro works with the main Genesis 2.0 theme, and there are add-ons available that support specific child themes as well. At this time, we support the Beautiful Pro, Daily Dish Pro, eleven40 Pro, Executive Pro, Lifestyle Pro, Metro Pro, Minimum Pro, Modern Portfolio Pro and News Pro themes, with support for more themes on the way.

Do I need any coding skills at all to use Design Palette Pro?
Nope. That’s the point!

Will this break customizations in my child theme?
Nope. Design Palette Pro generates a custom CSS file and does not replace any code or style inside your child theme itself.

What do you mean above by “guarantee”?
Simple: if for any reason you are not satisfied with Design Palette Pro, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. You literally have nothing to lose but stress and dissatisfaction with your design — and who couldn’t use less of those?

Simply put…

Design Palette Pro Makes Genesis Customizations Easy

(We guarantee it.)