Thank you for using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress and selecting the Education theme. Following are the instructions for setting up your site to resemble the Education theme demo.


If you have any trouble, please fill out the contact form for assistance.

You may wish to have the Education theme demo open, for reference, while setting up your theme. The setup documentation for this theme has been broken down into the following sections:

General Settings
How to Configure the Header Menu
How to Configure the Responsive Slider
How to Configure the Home Widgets

How to Import Demo Content

For your convenience, an export file of the Demo site is available to assist in the setup of your Education theme. You’ll find more information about this in the Importing Demo Content tutorial.

General Settings

This theme uses the content-sidebar-sidebar layout, with the two sidebar offset on the home page only.

The blue sidebar to the right will only show with this layout option.

The theme will show a regular blog page layout until the home widget areas are used at which point the latest posts will show below the home widgets. Education also comes with 5 additional color schemes, selectable from the Genesis -> Theme Settings -> Color Styles drop down.

Please note: if you choose a static page to show on the home page, this will remove the home widget areas.

For the header logo area, visit Appearance -> Header and upload your image there.

Footer widgets and Primary / Secondary sidebars can be set up as usual.

Footer widgets we used:
Footer #1 – Search and Text
Footer #2 – Links
Footer #3 – Genesis eNews and updates

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How to Configure the Header Menu

In the Education theme, we have used the Header Right widget area and a Custom Menu widget for the main navigation areas.

1. Create a menu under Appearance -> Menus. You may call the menu whatever name you like. Do not assign the menu to the Primary or Secondary nav slots as they are not used on the demo.

2. Visit the Appearance -> Widgets screen. Drag the Custom Menu widget to the Header right widget area.

3. Choose the menu that you created in step 1 and save the widget.

Note: For best results the Header Menu should have 5 or fewer top level menu items. Wider menus that wrap to a second line in responsive mode can sometimes cause widgets place above the header to disappear at certain screen resolutions.

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How to Configure the Responsive Slider

To use the Responsive Slider:

1. Install the plugin by visiting Plugins -> Add New. Search for Genesis Responsive Slider.

Click to install, and activate.

2. Visit Appearance -> Widgets and drag the Genesis – Responsive Slider widget to the Home Slider widget area.

3. Visit Genesis -> Slider and set the images sizes and other settings..

4. Create your posts or pages for the slider, uploading an image to each one.

5. Visit Genesis -> Slider and choose your new posts or pages.

In our demo, we chose posts from all categories, and have unchecked the box to show any content.

For more specifics on the slider plugin, please see Using the Genesis Slider plugin.

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How to Configure the Home Widgets

In the Education theme, there are three additional home widget areas available under the Appearance -> Widgets area and displayed on the home page. These are labelled as follows:

Call To Action

Set up the Intro widget area:
This is a text widget, with the title area filled in with “Welcome to our University” and the text box filled in with additional text.

Set up the Featured widget area:
This widget area contains four Genesis Featured Page Widgets. Each page has and icon image uploaded to the page within the WP editor. The widgets are set up as follows:

Set up the Call To Action:

For the Call to Action, we used the Genesis eNews and Updates widget. This widget uses the email subscribe service from Feedburner.

To use a different email service, you will have to customize the form using the same css.

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To remove the posts from the bottom of the home page, edit home.php and add this line of code before the last line like so:

remove_action( 'genesis_loop', 'genesis_do_loop' );


To remove the sidebar as well, add this line in the same area.

  remove_action( 'genesis_after_content', 'genesis_get_sidebar' );

In your style.css file, add this:

.home #content {
     display: none;

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Congratulations! You are now ready to begin adding content and personal touches to your new Education and Genesis powered website. If you run into any problems along the way or have questions, please fill out the contact form and let us know how we can help.