Pretty Pictures

Thank you for using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress and selecting the Pretty Pictures theme. Following are the instructions for setting up your site to resemble the Pretty Pictures theme demo.

Pretty Pictures-screenshot

If you have any trouble, please fill out the contact form for assistance.

You may wish to have the Pretty Pictures theme demo open, for reference, while setting up your theme.

See Importing the demo content if you wish to set up the theme with the images, pages and posts from the demo.

This theme features a single column layout, no sidebars, with an emphasis on images, and uses post formats. The background color of each post will alternate.

Set up Header area

The large image at the top of the site is a header image. Visit Appearance -> Header to upload your own.

For the text, go to Appearance -> Widgets. Drag a text widget to the Header Right widget area. Fill in with whatever text you like.

Working with Images

As you compose your posts, upload whatever images you wish. For best results, use images that are larger than 1024 pixels on both sides. We inserted the images at the beginning of our posts, at full size. The responsiveness of the theme will resize the images to fit. Try making your browser window smaller and larger to watch it in action.

Continue Reading

For the Continue Reading link, we inserted the more tag in our posts where we wished the content to cut off on the main page.

Post Formats

We have also enabled additional post formats for this theme: Quote and Gallery. Compose your posts as usual, and choose “quote” for Quotes, which will have the title removed, and for Galleries, choose the gallery option. For the gallery, upload your images to the post, create the gallery and insert it into the post body.

Congratulations! You are now ready to begin adding content and personal touches to your new Pretty Pictures and Genesis powered website. If you run into any problems along the way or have questions, please fill out the contact form and let us know how we can help.